Procedure for Auto insurance claim

Procedure for Auto insurance claim

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Car insurance is compulsory in most countries. Car insurance is the insurance cover for the third party risks. This arises from the use of the vehicle and also to cover the risk of damage to the vehicle. Natives of certain countries are not interested in a life insurance plan or a health insurance plan, but they are more concerned with car insurance, whether they are driving a motorcycle, car, bicycle, or truck. Otherwise, if someone is injured without vehicle insurance, it will be seen as a crime.

Today, everyone has their own cars, the roads are full of vehicles, the risks are high, and as a result, car insurance firms are growing by the day and claims are also increasing. But often, policyholders don't know exactly what they can do to complete the procedure for auto insurance claim.

Here we explain the procedure of how to claim your vehicle insurance plan. This will help you a lot.

How to claim your auto insurance

This procedure can be understood in some scenarios step by step so it will be less complicated.

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Notify the insurance service provider: First of all, you must inform the insurance company as soon as possible and send a properly completed claim form with the required documents to the insurance firm before sending the vehicle to the workshop for any repairs. The forms are available on the websites of insurance providers. Most insurance companies follow strict guidelines and they are stated in the policy documents.

Lodge FIR - In certain cases, a First Information Report (FIR) is required, so you need to file the FIR at the nearest police station. Though it may not be mandatory for the resolution of claims, it is advisable to file an FIR depending on the situation.

Damage Assessment - Once the insurance provider is informed, they will assign an inspector to evaluate/assess the damage to your car. He will file a report and send it to the insurance firm. You will also receive a copy and then you can take your car to the nearest network shop for repairs. Note: If the damage is severe, the surveyor will arrive at the site as soon as possible to conduct the survey.

Claims settlement - Once the insurance firm receives the survey report, they will review the claim request and submit approval to the garage which will need to provide the estimated cost of repairing the car and the schedules for the car. The insurance company will contact the network workshop to get a full view of the extent of the damage and how the repair work is being carried out.

Once the work is finished, you will need to remove the duly signed invoices and documents from the garage and send them to the surveyor. The surveyor will refer you to the insurance firm.

If all the documents are complete, your insurance provider will pay your bills. Please note that there will be some components of the mandatory deductible and variable deductible, as stated in the policy document. As soon as your claim is resolved and your vehicle is fine, you can now drive again.

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